Leisure time

Projects in the village

The projects operating at the college were developed with the intention of promoting the trainees, allowing them to develop their potential, enriching their lives and their world and giving them skills that will allow them to live a normative and quality life.

Our projects are based on a number of peer group principles, improving social skills, personal empowerment and positive leisure time employment to prevent inappropriate behaviors.

Example projects:

Bnei Mitzvah – a project intended for Mitzvah boys and girls. Through 13 commandments that the trainees apply throughout the year, they experience, learn, enjoy and deal with values and responsibilities related to the coming-of-age ceremony. As part of the project, various ceremonies are held, from raising the Torah to the Bar Mitzvah celebration ceremony with the participation of the parents of the trainees.

Granite Journey to Change – a therapeutic social project joined by boys and girls who are ready to commit to dealing with life’s challenges through ODT activity. At the peak of the project, the campers go on a 10-day journey in the desert. The project is accompanied and documented by a therapist

Moodontzik – the peer group between the ages of 6 and 10, learning social skills related to the friendship process and age-appropriate life skills, such as crossing the street, brushing teeth, etc.

Classes in the village

The village operates a diverse and wide array of classes

Sports clubs – in the village there are clubs in the fields of football, basketball, table tennis, tennis, gym and rugby. Their purpose is to help work on group work, physical fitness, self-image and body image.

Leisure classes – classes where the campers learn street games, magic and art.

Music and art classes – classes such as a singing group, electrifying love, a drum class, darbuka and dance. As part of these classes, the trainees acquire personal and group responsibility, cooperation, support, work under pressure, self-confidence and personal empowerment.


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