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"Love" changes worlds


I am addressing you in my name and in the name of the honorary members of the Friends of the Children and Youth Village “Ahava”.

We, the honorary members of the association, see a moral and value obligation in supporting the activities of Kfar Ahaba.

The Children and Youth Village “Ahaba” is a therapeutic association that specializes in the care of young children and teenagers

at risk Our children, arrive without faith, without self-confidence and with a history of

Personal and family crises. We give them a warm home, adapted and optimal education, treatments

diverse emotional and more, in order to provide them with all the tools and opportunities for personal and social success

and educational.

In order for us to continue our important mission, we need your support.

We invite you to join the association of friends of Kfar Ahaba.

Your joining will allow us to provide our children with more diverse and wider support, and will make you a partner

significant in their journey to a better future.

As part of your joining, you will receive a “Love” friend certificate valid for one year, and you will join the community of

Supporters who believe in the importance of supporting young children and teenagers at risk.

It’s time to make a real change!

Together, we can give children the hope, confidence and tools they need to climb and fulfill the

their dreams

We thank you in advance for your support and willingness to join for this noble cause.

Best regards,
Yoav Ziv
Chairman of the Friends Association
Children’s and Youth Village “Love”

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