Group therapy

Ahavah provides a variety of group therapy, for the trainees and their parents.

The group work makes it possible to experience social interactions, to learn from the experiences of others, to feel a connection with others also facing similar problems and to sense that they belong.

Group therapy has a strong impact because peer groups have such a strong effect on a child.

Group therapy and group psychotherapyprovide psychological treatment methods where one or more therapists treat a small group of numerous patients together, as a guided group. In a boarding school, the term refers to any type of therapy delivered in a group format, including cognitive behavioral therapy, expressive and creative therapy, psychodrama, and more. (A means of creating change in the patients, through examining the interpersonal relationships that are created between the group members, working on their development.)

Within every year, we hold group therapy on various topics, accommodating to the needs that arise within the “field”. The themes within the group therapy deal with topics such as violence, sexuality, self-control, sibling relationships, femininity, puberty, separation, graduation and many more.


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