Newsletter April 2023

Establishing an External Classroom in The Emergency Center- Estate named after Dr. Sam Levia

16 children reside in The Emergency Center , children aged 6-14 who were removed from their homes due to acute situations under court order. The Emergency Center is a short-term diagnostic and therapeutic unit where the children receive a home, educational services and enrichment classes. The center’s staff members work 24/7, 365 days a year in order to take care of the children. Thanks to an estate in the name of Dr. Sam Levia, with funding of about 250,000 ₪, the establishment of an experiential classroom in the courtyard of the center was completed in March. The yard was renovated from the ground up, including infrastructure, grass, herb plants, a garden shed and a barbecue corner. We wish a lot of fun and enjoyment and a happy holiday for the children of the emergency center.

''Bnei Mitzva''- Mitzva Boys and Girls

At ”Ahava”, we believe that home is an important foundation for each child, and therefore we strive to teach them life skills, preserve the Jewish tradition and to celebrate important milestones in the lives of our children. Bnei Mitzvah is a year-long journey which symbolizes the transition from childhood to adulthood. The goal of the program is to provide tools for independence and Jewish tradition for approximately 30 trainees each year. In March, we held an ”Aliyah Latorah” (Torah reading), a tradition that has been held for years in the Tunisian Synagogue in Acre, and a major highlight of the ”Bnei Mitzva” program. 13 Mitzvot (commandments) are fulfilled during the year, among them are ”Keep the Shabbat day”, ”Honor thy mother and thy father”, and at the end of the year, the children will fulfil the Mitzva ” Arise, and walk through the land in the length” in a two-day trip to the Western Wall in Jerusalem, at 5 AM they will go up The Path of The Sollelah and walk along the rivers of southern Israel. Mazal Tov to the boys and girls of ”Ahava”.

Education Award for ''Ahava'' School

Ahava school, with full cooperation with ”Ahava” organization won this year’s district education award for outstanding institutions. The award joined a series of praises for the school’s performance. We are proud and our children get to enjoy.

In this photo- Einat Kappon, the school manager, receives the award on behalf of the school.

1978-2023 In Loving Memory of Fanta Tadessa, A Man of humbleness

”Fanta, from the day we met in the boarding school, after a few days I realized how special you are and how you bring joy to the village children. You are amazing with all your cool tricks. I thank you for every smile you gave me and for all the fun you had with me, my friends and the other trainees. Thanks to you I realized that joy comes from the heart.” This was written by one of the village girls on the memorial wall in honor of Fanta Tadessa. A great sorrow fell upon us while leaning of the passing of Fanta. Fanta was an instructor at a family home care unit and served as a father figure for the children, along with Tova, his wife. He also instructed circus classes and took care of the animals in the animal center. His humility and humbleness, the ability to talk to children and adults at eye level, to address everyone with respect and quietly always amazed us. A great loss for the family and each one us us at ”Ahava”. Tova, Nitzan, Netanel and the rest of the family, ”Ahava” shares in the great sorrow and loss, sending warm hugs and support. May you never know more sorrow.

Hearing Their Voice

During March we sent a questionnaire to all of our employees and senior trainees. At ”Ahava”, we believe that a ”connected” employee feels better and so does a connected trainee. It is important to us to preserve and improve the conditions of our children, as well as our 200 employees. The questionnaire dealt with various topics and checked the satisfaction in the field of physical and emotional protection, working conditions, children’s welfare, employee welfare, relations between and within, and more. Constant improvement is crucial to us and we express gratitude every day to each and every one of our 200 employees

The Jewish months of Adar and Nissan

Every year we preserve the Jewish tradition with the help of our culture coordinator and 23 Pre-Army Service Year volunteers, we maintain the tradition in an experiential way. This month, the volunteers set up a whole week of celebrations, shows, stations and activities for all ages, a costume contest between family units and Mishloach Manos for our children. Thanks to Bazan Group for donating awesome Mishloach Manos for the children. In addition, we celebrated a crazy Purim event for our employees. On Passover, 200 children of ”Ahava” celebrated a Seder in each family home care unit, enjoyed a holiday meal prepared by our kitchen team, and went on trips in nature. Wonder who found the Afikomen. Happy Holidays!


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