Stand circle in favor of love

Ahava Association was established with the aim of helping and caring for children, teenagers and young people at risk between the ages of 6-25.

The children and youth have been neglected, physically, sexually and/or abused in their homes and need a supportive and warm home environment that provides them with the physical and mental needs to integrate into life.

Our goal is to lead the graduates of the village to a situation where they can function independently with discretion, with the tools necessary to break the cycle of adversity, and function as citizens with cultural codes and sound social norms.

We need your help

A round in our favor will allow us to continue to improve the services provided to children and their families.

To establish social, educational and therapeutic projects adapted to the needs of the children who do not receive government funding.

Through a circle for the benefit of Kfar Kidd and Nuor Ahava you will help us save more children

For every purchase with your credit card, the amount of the purchase will be rounded to the nearest shekel and those pennies will go to support our activity. For example :

You purchased in the amount of 78.6 NIS – the amount will be rounded to 79 NIS and 40 cents will be transferred to us.

The average monthly donation is about NIS 4.