The Northern Emergency Center

The children that arrive to the emergency center are between the ages of 6-14. The children are received by court order, at the height of crisis in their lives, and the lives of their families, directly followed by dramatic events that have occurred.

The emergency center has a temporary framework of a few months, utilized for the immediate protection of the children, also providing a diagnosis of their condition and that of their family. Towards the end of their stay period, recommendations are made for each child and their family. The emergency center is most known for putting the needs of each child as a top priority. Operating and conducting with a clear framework of a fixed and structured agenda, there is a strong emphasis in seeing each individual, and establishing contact, as well as restoring the child’s trust towards adults, and attempting to build the child’s trust in themselves. Also working on revealing the connection of emotions to behavior, and providing additional options for coping.

The children attend school within the center which is divided into two classes according to their age. A personal curriculum is built for each child according to their needs and abilities. We place an emphasis on strengthening and improving each child’s learning experience. The children also enjoy with the staff a variety of activities providing enrichment, using the structure of a game experience.

Within the internal framework, there is a therapeutic advisory unit of which families within the nearby geographical communities receive a system of treatment as well as parental guidance. Aiming to prevent further acute emergency situations, in which the child is required to move from their home setting to the internal unit or to another out of home placement setting.