“Family care in Ahavah”

For over thirty years Ahavah has been operating with a residential home care unit within the closure, using a “family” model. This model provides for the children by taking care of their needs, beginning with meeting their physical needs right through to their mental and emotional needs, all based on an interpersonal relationship with a significant adult.

The daily routine is carried out within the residential family unit, whilst the instructors are assisted by all the internal organizational services provided within the village, to meet the needs of the children, including: a therapeutic treatment system, a system with a variety of activities and classes, social activities, education, culture, programs with volunteers, personal tutoring, a kitchen, a clinic, and many more.

The daycare instructors are not a substitute for the biological parents of the children, which is the reason we do everything we can to recruit the parents as part of the treatment process, with the understanding that their integration will help raise the chances of success.