Meet our employees

Yoav Appleboyum, CEO of the association: works in the field of children, youth and young people at risk in out-of-home arrangements for 50 years. Engaged in training positions, concentration of teams, treatment and consulting and management.

For the past 25 years, he has been the director and CEO of the “Ahaba” children and youth village association. In this role, he developed the village both physically and in terms of educational therapeutic projects, such as the establishment of boarding schools today, the construction and reception of the emergency center and the 18+ project.

Voluntarily serves as vice president of FICE Israel (an international organization for educational communities) and as a member of the extended board and chairman of the audit committee. Voluntarily serves as chairman of the association for the promotion of welfare boarding school children in Israel.

Dani Ariel , VP of the association and director of the boarding school : a social worker by training has been working with love since 1996 as a training center and director of the boarding school. He led the development of the “Protection and Strength” program. He believes in teamwork, equalizing opportunities, personal and professional development, and works to promote them.

Efrat Amir , director of the Ahava emergency center: has a master’s degree in social work, has worked in a children’s and youth village for over 20 years. I started my work as a social worker in a boarding school and then as a house coordinator. For the past eight years I have been managing the emergency center for children and youth at risk. I believe in hope for change and development and that every child deserves a safe space that will allow him to discover himself.

Mira Albo: Director of Human Resources, Administration and Welfare: about 18 years in the association in several positions, in the last decade in the current position. Responsible for the entire field of human resources, the administrative field of the association and corporate welfare. Has a master’s degree in law and a master’s degree in consulting and organizational development. Working with love is mainly working from the heart and soul.

Aliza Sitbon, coordinator of the boarding school

Amit Teper, head of the therapeutic team